Patricia Couton

Artist Painter Naif Brussels

Born on 23 March 1968 in Montpellier. She studied art history and visual arts at university. At the age of 23, she left France for Spain and Ibiza where she discovered another light. Back on the continent, she settled in Belgium, in Brussels, where she devoted herself to painting the city and focused instead on the old districts filled with a soul and nostalgia for the past.

Various exhibitions in the centre of Brussels will make her known and assert herself. Today she lives by her painting and exhibits permanently in Brussels at the Place Agora craft market, in the centre of Brussels, next to the Grand Place (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

You want to take with you a souvenir of Brussels, let yourself be charmed by its oil paintings, its Brussels facades and its Brussels houses with their many details. His naive painting will seduce you. Patricia Couton, a naive painter from Brussels

Patricia Couton, Artiste Peintre